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Name:The Nexus.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Sentient world + endless possibilities = one EPIC musebox comm!
This is a place based on a dimensional concept in which many of Marianne's muses dwell when they don't have any place to go in particular. It's basically a not-so-average headspace.

There's no real name for this space in between spaces. Everyone who lives in this world commonly calls it the Nexus, for that's what it is. The place is open for any visitors to come; friendly, hostile, and neutral. It doesn't matter! There's already plenty of that to go around. Every creature big and small, strange and beautiful, and so on is welcome to stop by.

It is modern and as ordinary as can be, with some Victorian looking houses in the mix. There are stores, at least one hospital, a diner/bar (A favorite spot for the two Supernatural and a few Final Fantasy muses--Tifa runs it), an ice cream shop, and some motels.

It is a very large which talking animals live in. Somewhere located within all that greenery far from them and the town is a large and dark castle, and it looks to have been around for much longer than all the town buildings. All entrances to it have been magically sealed from those who aren't demon wolves (the castle's inhabitants), and so far there haven't been discoveries as to how to break through. A number of Mari's muses already know that is the base where these notorious and dangerous creatures come from! There are many, and the population won't seem to stop growing anytime soon. The demon wolf alpha, Simentos Sato, shares his lair with the likes of Vertigo and her right hand sorceress, Hannah.

Past the forest and castle is a mountain range. It's very isolated, cool to cold in climate, and so far only one lives in a cave that's high up and not easy to reach. He's rarely in town at all. Every now and then he can be discovered in the forest, hunting or charming a pretty female.

Replica of ENCOM/Space Paranoids
A place for Tron and other related beings like him to be most comfortable at. No payment of any kind is required for computer programs, sprites, robots, or even living data to hang around this place.

1. Play nice! Any personal conflict between roleplayers will not be allowed here. Take it outside. This goes as far the personal bashing of each other's characters too. If I see or hear of anyone violating this rule, you will receive a warning to stop and remove the post(s). If you don't do it after a few days' notice, then I will. If you persist to harass the other RPers, you will be banned.

2. Any threads that are above PG-13 must have warnings above the true content. Followed by a DW Cut. Check the FAQ if you don't know what that is.

3. Mature RPers only. Some of the muses are very naughty and/or scary by default, for example.

4. No advertising of any sort is allowed. There are plenty of other places around here to promote your RP communities and things. If I see any ads on here, I'll PM you politely to remove them. Otherwise, I will remove them. If anyone wishes to affiliate with The Space, leave a PM or see all contact info in my profile. I'll be sure to list your community as an affiliate if you ask nicely!

5. No activity check, application, RP sample, or anything like that is required. This is a dressing room kind of thing anyway. Just jump on in as any character--be it canon, AU, or original character. Multiples of the same canon character is alright with me! Multiples of the same OC is not, however. (Be cautious with the canon puncturing/4th walling--even if the muse is used for RP crack purposes! Everybody can't be goofy, perky, or happy all the time. It's also courteous and polite to ask OOCly first on the canon puncturing.)

6. Any style of threading is cool! Be it a log, a bulletin board post, a voice post, video post, anything! Feel free to share Instant Message logs between characters, just as long as it's under a cut.

7. Make use of the tagging system. Doing so makes it easy for people to keep track of their characters and posts. Be sure to tag with the character's canon and character's name.

8. Enjoy and have fun! The location descriptions above are generic for a reason. Take the basic information and build from it! Help take down the demon wolf population...or defend the place from the nasty, always hungry dust bunnies! Look for a fight, look for someone to love, or just have a good time! Heck, any character is welcome to come in and claim their own spot at the Nexus, whether by payment or by force. It's all good.

9. Questions? Concerns? Contact [personal profile] i_am_the_most_abnormal via PM. :)

Here's the OOC! [community profile] nexus_musebox_ooc

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action, adventure, clash of time lines, comedy, drama, heroes, horror, mind f***s, monsters, muses, neutrals, originals, players, plot, puppets, release the clocken!, role playing, sci-fi, tragedy, villains
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